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Virtual Reality Tours UAE

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Who are we?

Virtual Reality Tours UAE is a service offered by RoughPaper technologies, a Dubai based marketing and tech agency. We create 360 content varying from complete interactive virtual tours to 360 photos and videos which can be incorporated into your website or social media to help your brand stand out in a sea of competitors. Our content is of the high quality content tailored to your needs and budgets.

We also provide services ranging from shooting and post-production to web and app development. We also specialise in building brands by leveraging our expertise in digital marketing.


360 solutions

360 content is the perfect interactive media that can be used in a multitude of situations based on the form of 360 media used.

360 Photography

We capture immersive 360 still images that can be utilised to showcase your brand however you like.

Immersive Virtual Experience

We capture a group of 360 still images and then integrate them in an interactive 360 format to create a virtual guide for clients who can move around and discover their surroundings without physically being present at the location.

360 Videography

The ultimate immersive experience with 360 video coupled with audio which captivates and engulfs the viewer.

Key features and options

High Dynamic Range images (HDR)

HDR allows us to create images with photo realistic colors that enhance the quality of the images, thereby showcasing locations in their true color and appearance which helps you to stand out to your potential clients.

Compatible on all devices

We ensure that our services are fully compatible with smartphones, tablets and computers. We also ensure compatibility for most browsers and operating systems so that you can reach out to clients locally and around the world.

Interactive VR

We can imbed photos, videos and background audio as well as information hotspots to make your VR experience even more immersive which helps you to further stand out to potential clients.

VR device compatible

What is 360 VR if it is not compatible with VR headsets? We ensure our VR experience is compatible with modern VR headset, so that you can provide a deeper immersive experience to clients.

Google My business and maps

We can help boost your business further by embedding your 360VR footage onto google maps and integrating it with google my business which will enable you to engage with clients in a way like never before.

Additional services

Our services also cover maintenance and additional support for hosting so that you can focus on your brand even more. We also emphasise on branding which why our projects can be customized to suit all of your requirements.

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